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One simple step.

Fax the prescription to us and we will take care of the rest.

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If you have any questions please call us, toll free 888.824.8100 or use the contact form on the right.

Precise and personally prescribed therapy.

Medications / Medicated Sinus Sprays

ImprimisRx specializes in medications and medicated sinus sprays that are only dispensed in unit dose vials to your patients. All of our medications may be added to saline solution when a sinus rinse is prescribed. Ordering from TAG Pharmacy is easy.


  • We handle the insurance confirmation (no additional paperwork is required from your office).
  • We collect the copay.
  • We accept over 14,000 insurance plans.
  • We ship directly to your patient within 24 hours after patient approval.
  • ImprimisRx even teaches, trains and consults your patient during the treatment period.


How Does it Work?

ImprimisRx creates unit dose vials of medications that can be applied topically to the sinuses—using :

Atomized Therapy - NasaTouch
Medicated Sinus Rinse Therapy - ActiveSinus

We are committed to providing you and your patients better science and better service.

Our Service


One at a time. Person to person.


ASL, TAG and SD Phamacies and now ImprimisRx has treated over 50,000 patients. We’re more than just expert professionals who fill a prescription. We’re clinicians with an approach to Topical Sinus Therapy (TST) that gives you options, individualized attention and very personalized relief.



• Insurance billing assistance for your prescription

• Patient clinical consultations

• Standard shipping of prescriptions at no charge


We encourage you to contact us if you
have any questions. Toll Free 888.824.8100